Long Term Needs: Security Fence, CCTV, and Lighting

This message is from Sophia Abdi Noor, one of the founders of WOKIKE:

“[To] all our friends who have stood with us during this hard time thank you very much.  Our girls have been psychologically affected. They are traumatized. Some have high fevers and others are not eating. They are still in the temporary shelter.

Our orphanage center is a restricted area as the whole neighborhood of the Garissa University has been sealed off by the security officers.

[Since] nobody is allowed to go in,  we do not know the status of our property and the girls left all their belongings.

We are also thanking the residents of Garissa as they came with a helping hand and offered [the girls] bedding and utensils. We are really touched and beyond grateful for your willingness to come to our aid.

What we desperately need currently is counseling services for the girls and medical care (as the Healthcare personnel have fled from Garissa for security purposes).

We can’t account for all our losses as of now and we will keep you informed once we have access to our Center.

For long term measures we would like to complete our fence and to put electronic safety wire and gate and CCTV as well.

We would also like to [install] street lights and strong security lights.

Thank you so much and best regards,

Sophia Abdi


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