Counselors and Nurse Needed

The following message is from WOKIKE’s Executive Director, Abdullahi Mohamed Abdi.

Dear friends,

As you are aware by now, last Thursday, the terrorist organisation Alshabaab attacked Garissa University College, formerly Garissa Teachers Training College which is adjacent our girls home.

This attack had a big impact on the girls who were exposed to danger of the gun shots and the grenades with heavy military presence. The girls were in this situation for [many] hours because their facility was in the operation area and could not be accessed.

The girls will immediately need psychological support through counseling. We wish to have at least two counselors to do this work for sometime.

In addition to this, we also need to have a fully trained nurse who will cover the medical need of girls, this is because most of the health workers in the region have decided to run for safety and many of them left the region.

[While these are our immediate needs] we also need to develop a security strategy for the girls home and implement [it]. This will require some money which might not be readily available.

Thank you for your support


Abdullahi Mohamed Abdi
Executive Director Womankind Kenya


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